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                          Smart Industry is defined as the fully integrated, collaborative system that responds in real-time to meet the changing demands in the factory, supply network, and the consumer. It’s a synonym for Industry 4.0 and includes connected product innovation. Smart Industry is powered by IoT technologies including the extensive use of IoT sensors and devices, data analytics, cloud computing, edge intelligence, digital twin, and additive technologies. This digital transformation revolves around data exchange between technologies and processes with IoT use cases that offer manufacturers rapid returns. VIMANA brings the technology, solutions and services to enable Smart Industry.

                          Deliver Business Outcomes

                          BOOST OPERATIONAL EFFICIENCY

                          Bring visibility, insight and control to global operations. Do more with less. Increase demand responsiveness.

                          INCREASE AGILITY

                          Automate manufacturing and business processes to increase agility across the value chain.

                          CAPTURE NEW REVENUE STREAMS

                          Fuel revenue growth with connected products and data services.

                          HEIGHTEN THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE

                          Gain strategic knowledge to predict your product and process risks for proactive action and correction.

                          IoT Solutions for Smart Industry and Connected Products

                          SMART MANUFACTURING

                          Industrial analytics that generates insights, predictions and recommendations to enable production to supply chain efficiency and agility.

                          FIELD SERVICE MANAGEMENT

                          IoT solutions to enable remote health monitoring and mobile maintenance processes to improve technician productivity and asset uptime.

                          REMOTE ASSET MANAGEMENT

                          IoT solutions that provide remote monitoring for your products in the field.

                          DIGITAL TWIN

                          Prescriptive and simulative analytics solutions that provide recommendations for how to optimize assets, processes or your products.

                          ON-DEMAND MANUFACTURING

                          IoT solutions that enables real-time visibility of capacity and capability across your internal and external manufacturing network to optimize efficiency and on-demand manufacturing.



                          SUPPLY CHAIN & MANUFACTURING LEADERS

                          Drive supply chain & manufacturing efficiencies for increased profits, improve capital allocations, and reduce cost of goods sold.

                          OPERATIONS LEADERS

                          Improve day-to-day operations: production, quality, and maintenance to meet the demand plan.

                          CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT LEADERS

                          Design & implement data-driven processes, methods and controls to improve productivity and reduce waste.


                          Consistently improve performance with real-time data insights and digital tools to drive productivity.

                          IT LEADERS

                          Design, implement, deploy, and realize value from connected products and smart manufacturing IoT analytics solutions.

                          SMART PRODUCT LEADERS

                          Design better products, expedite new product introductions and enhancements, improve customer service.


                          Gartner Customers: Read Gartner's latest report on Cool Vendors in Digitalization Through Industrie 4.0, 2018

                          Make your Digital Transformation a reality today.

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